Campaign for America is a Campaign for our Country, our Values, our Freedoms, our Flag, our Military, our Law Enforcement, and God.  We are taking a stand to take back our Country. Speaking at events, Educating and Sharing about what the Democratic Socialist agenda is really about; It’s taking our Constitutional rights away and making us reliant upon the Government.  

Now more than ever, WE MUST stop the left from their progressive ways.  We at Campaign for America have a mission to help our Republican Leaders and stay in office. Together, we can make a difference!

It is imperative that we stop the evil socialist agenda, that is being advanced throughout Our Nation. We support President Trump's AMERICA FIRST AGENDA.  

A Message from LT Steven Rogers

I am committed to educating and empowering citizens to participate in America’s political process by addressing public policy issues, engaging political leaders, and advancing the values in which our nation was founded upon.

We Fully Support President Trump's 2020 Campaign.

Thank you,

LT Steven Rogers

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